Buddy L Museum would like to purchase the following toys; Vintage Buddy L Toy Cars, Antique Buddy L
Trucks Presently paying up to $1400 for any
Buddy L Steam Shovel or antique Buddy L flivver in near
mint condition Your antique Buddy L trucks and early
Buddy L trains are important to us, contact us with
all your pressed steel toys for sale. www.BuddyLToy.com the world's leading expert on all prewar
Kingsbury toys cars trucks and
Buddy L toys manufactured prior to WW2 Buying any Buddy L fire truck,
dump truck, coal truck or Ice truck in good condition
Your old toy truck or Buddy L steam shovel could be worth thousands of dollars. If you need advice selling your prewar
Buddy L Bus contact us for free evaluation.   The Buddy L Museum the most prestigious name in
pressed steel toys and
dedicated to the art of pressed steel toy collecting since 1968. In addition the Buddy L Museum is the world's foremost
authority on antique toy cars, antique
Buddy L Toys, antique toy trucks and all prewar keystone toys Buying antique
keystone toy trucks & cars Paying up to $1700 for any Buddy L pile driver or train car in good condition Thinking of
selling your
Buddy L fire truck? Email pictures of your vintage toys for sale. Buddy L Museum the most trusted name in
toys If you'd like to apply for membership in the Buddy L Museum contact our director of operations.  Buddy L
Trains and Trucks housed on the first and second floor are part of a vast collection donated by the Van-Higgindorf family
of Grenwich Ct.   Become a member of the
Buddy L Museum
Antique toys wanted If you have an antique Buddy L pile driver or old Buddy L steam shovel for sale contact us
immediately, price is always
determined by condition Browse our website to see some of your favorite toy trucks
including Steelcraft toy trucks and many rare
Sturditoy toy trucks If you need help evaluating the condition of your
Buddy L pile driver of Buddy L steam shovel email us with a brief description or photograph. Or if you like us to
recommend which
Buddy L Books are best suited for your personal collection e-mail us with a list of which toys you
presently own or thinking of adding to your collection.
 Vintage Buddy L toy trucks wanted for immediate purchase,
any condition Buddy L Museum  is the official consultant for
History channel's top rated reality show "American
Pickers" Buddy L Toy Museum presently buying Kingbury, Keystone,
Sturditoy and Buddy L toy trucks, toy cars &
toy trains regardless of condition. Free fast antique toy appraisals
Free toy appraisals
Buddy L Museum has been helping Buddy L collectors buy, sell and trade pressed steel toys for almost half a century.
Regardless of whether you have 1
Buddy L ice truck or 100 Buddy L toy trucks we'll pay you more than anybody  in the
country.  Many
Buddy L Trains and Buddy L toy cars are quite valuable, contact us for a free confidential appraisal.  If
you're planning a trip to visit us in the near future please contact us for our current hours of operation.  All antique
Buddy L toy trucks, Sturditoy toy trucks and Keystone toy trucks in excellent plus condition should be wrapped in two
soft cotton sheets before placed in their shipping carton.  Insurance request a tracking number from your shipper.
Presently paying up to $2000 for any 1933
Buddy L coal truck or Buddy L pile driver Your antique Kingsbury, Keystone
& Buddy L Toys are important to us Learn more about selling your toys Email us Free
toy appraisal
Wanted: Keystone toy trucks, Buddy L Trains, Steelcraft Toy Trains. Value based on condition and rarity If you
have other old toy trains for sale email us for a free price quote The
Buddy L Museum consistently pays 65% -
95% more for
Buddy L toys and Buddy L trains than anybody in the country. Never try and clean your Buddy L
Trains or Buddy L Trucks yourself, you could end up causing permanent damage to the paint or decals Many
new additions have been added to the
Buddy L toy Museum gallery We recently acquired a rare 1930 Buddy L
fire truck
with electric lights and working pump Two more toys added are the 1932 Buddy L steam shovel on
treads along with a 1926 Buddy L Coal truck with lights & dual rubber wheels
Buddy L
Buddy L
Buddy L
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1924 Burdette Murray Dump
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