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Keystone, Sturditoy & Steelcraft.
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Buying antique toys
Antique Buddy L Trucks ~ Japan Tin Robots ~ Vintage Buddy L Toys website has been designed for the enjoyment of Buddy L toy collectors world wide.    If you need
advice selling your
Sturditoy or Buddy L toys contact us for a free confidential evaluation.    The Buddy L Museum has
been helping antique toy truck collectors since 1968. Regardless whether you selling one
Buddy L Steam Shovel or an
entire collection of
pressed steel toys contact us first.  Presently we're paying up to five thousand dollars for certain
antique toy airplanes and
Buddy L trains in mint condition.  Or if you have an antique toy truck for sale email us with a
description and photograph.     Also seeking any 1920s
Sturditoy Coal truck in good or better original condition Always
interested in purchasing antique Buddy L Trucks, Keystone toy trucks Vintage space toys & Japan tin robots Accurate
toy appraisals
Seeking dump trucks manufactured by Buddy L, Sturditoy, Keystone and Steelcraft Contact us with all your old toy trucks Presently buying all size dump trucks
including the early
Keystone toy dump truck, Sturditoy dump truck, Steelcraft dump truck or any size Buddy l dump truck including the Buddy L flivver dump truck
Buddy l "A" frame dump truck.    We're the country's leading authority on Keystone antique toy airplanes and as well as all Sturditoy Trucks as well as the
rare black and red
Buddy L Coal Truck The Buddy L Museum houses the biggest collection of Sturditoy Trucks, antique toy cars and vintage Buddy L Toys in
the United States. If you haven't visited us before make sure to stop by during your next vacation. Your
old toy truck could be worth thousands of dollars. Seeking
vintage Japan space toys, tin robots Insurance
antique toy appraisal
Buddy L Museum is the world's largest buyer of Sturditoy trucks, Sturditoy catalogs & related Sturditoy advertising material Now paying 50% - 85% more than
ebay, antique dealers and private collectors for all Sturditoy toys regardless of condition Presently paying up to five thousand dollars for any
Sturditoy dump
or Sturditoy coal truck in mint condition For other Sturditoy prices contact us for more details We are also the country's leading buyer of Buddy L toys and
Buddy L Trucks  Free antique toy appraisals Browse our galleries to view your favorite Kesytone toys and Keystone airplanes presently on display We're all the
world's oldest buyer of antique
Keystone toy trucks & toys
Your old toy truck or Buddy L steam shovel could be worth thousands of dollars.    If you need advice selling your Buddy L toys contact us for free evaluation.  
Buddy L Museum is the most prestigious name in pressed steel toys and dedicated to the art of pressed steel toy collecting since 1968. Furthermore the
Buddy L Museum is the world's foremost authority on antique toy airplanes, Buddy L toys, antique toy trucks and Buddy L trains manufactured in the North
America. E-mail pictures of all your pressed steel toys to: Or if you need an insurance appraisal contact us through our user web
form located at the top of the page. All inquires kept confidential
To view photos of your favorite Buddy L toys and old Buddy L trucks click any of the highlighted links located on this page If shipping a toy to the Buddy L
Museum be sure it's well protected by wrapping it in a soft cotton sheet Once shipped please forward the tracking number when available. If you'd like a free
estimate on your antique
Buddy L toys, Buddy L trains or Buddy L trucks email 1 photograph of each toy along with a return phone number. E-mail pix to Buddy
Museum with your old Buddy L toys for sale Paying several thousand dollars for most antique Buddy l trucks and prewar Buddy l toys in ten plus condition
Buddy l Museum helping collectors since. 1968  Free appraisals Visit and see several of your favorite
Sturditoy trucks Free antique toy
appraisals Vintage Tin Robots wanted Sturditoy trucks and
Sturditoy toy appraisals
Several Keystone toy trucks and antique Buddy l trucks suffer from severe paint oxidation Do not attempt to clean these toys yourself. Consult with the Buddy L
Museum for the proper method of cleaning your
Buddy l Truck, your Buddy L toys are important to us Buddy L Trucks with excellent original paint command
higher prices than
Buddy L trucks with excessive paint wear. If you're not sure how to determine the condition of your antique Buddy L truck email us for more
information www Buddy L Always paying the highest prices possible for
pressed steel toys in good or better condition. If you own a Buddy L Dump
with nickel plated headlights Contact us today
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