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Jr Dump truck with red dump bed, green 1931 Buddy L Jr Oil tanker with two filler caps, 1930 Blue Gray Buddy L Jr Dairy
truck marked
Buddy L Quality Toys, Red Buddy L Jr air mail truck with plated bumper w/ headlights, 24" 1930 Buddy L Jr dray line
truck with closed cab and spoke wheels We're  the country's leading buyer of
Buddy L outdoor railroad trains & any Buddy L Flivver.
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antique toy trucks and Buddy L Toys for sale regardless of condition. We're also interested in buying antique
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The Buddy L Junior Line was introduced in 1928 and offered through 1932. Like the Buddy L bus, these trucks are generic in origin, not representing
any specific historical truck. All of the
Buddy L Jr's are about 24 inches long, 8 inches high, and 7 3/4 inches wide These Juniors have 2 inch steering
wheel with 3 inch black rubber tires marked Firestone dual wheels are mounted on the rear axles These
toy trucks have the spindle type front steering
Originally, these Juniors were cheaper than the deluxe "S" series trucks of the same 1929-1933 period, three to four dollars cheaper.  Clearly Buddy L
was offering a new line that would be price competitive in the Depression market.  
Buddy L's new market approach, what was for them a cheaper line
was a desperate attempt to keep the company afloat.  The retail market was simply awful.
Buddy L also had some very high retooling costs to recover
costs that nearly put the company out of business. If you have a Buddy L Jr Dump truck or
Buddy L  Dray truck for sale contact us free toy appraisals
1930 Buddy L Jr Oil Tanker
1932 Buddy L Jr Air Mail Truck
Buddy L Toy Museum specializing in
old tin robots toys & vintage Buddy L
scarce trucks  ~  Accurate fast antique
appraisals. Always paying 45% - 85%
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L Pile Driver or entire set of Buddy l
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Old Buddy L Flivver Roadster
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Toys including Jr series dump truck, oil tanker and all vintage
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tin robots wanted
Buddy L Museum is America's leading buyers of Sturditoy Trucks and Sturditoy toy catalogs  Always paying 40% - 85% more than
antique dealers, eBay and private collectors Contact us for more details. Helping collectors since 1968. Absolute Highest Prices Paid
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Buddy L Jr series trucks including the Buddy L Flivver series cars and all large Buddy L Outdoor Railroad Cars and Toys
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Flivver cars and the rare
Buddy L pile driver with or
without weight.
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Buddy L needed,
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pile driver  for sale
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1928 Buddy L Flivver Dump Cart
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Buddy L pile driver wanted any condition. Buying all Buddy L toys and trucks manufactured before 1939 Contact us with
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Buddy L Jr dump truck or fire truck w/ orig paint
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